Wheelchair Hire

Do you need to hire a wheelchair in Norfolk?

Norfolk Mobility provides a wheelchair hire service for holiday makers and those with a temporary injury.Wheelchair Hire Norfolk

You can hire a wheelchair for a minimum of 24hrs for just £12 or for as long as required. Wheelchairs are self-propelled and fold down to fit in the back of your car.

Please call Norfolk Mobility beforehand to check wheelchair availability.







Wheelchair Hire Prices

£12 per day wheelchair hire
£24 per week wheelchair hire
Discounts for longer periods

Wheelchair Hire Features

Self Propelled Wheelchairs
Holiday Wheelchair Rental
Temporary Injury Wheelchair Rental
Pick up from Mobility Showroom

How to Hire a Wheelchair

For further information or to hire a wheelchaire please contact Norfolk Mobility on 01953 850 004 or contact us via email. For our location please view the Norfolk Mobilty Contact page for more details.